Givin' a Damn (Don't Go With My Outfit) Release 

Givin' a Damn (Don't Go With My Outfit) 

Hello my dear friends! 

I am releasing one of my favorite co-writes to-date, THIS Friday! I cannot wait for you to hear it. What I need from YOU is for you to "Pre-save" my song which I am giving you the link here . Even though I am linking the song for you to hear first (below), pre-saving my song sends analytics to Spotify that the song is ready to be on people's playlists AND gives me a better shot at getting on an editorial playlist. So if you're a Spotify member (paid or not--bc there are free accounts). 

The Story Behind the Music: 

Funny Story! I had met one of my co-writers, Dave Lenahan, for the first time over a video conferencing app, and my other co-writer, Melissa Leigh, was also joining Dave at his house (she was introducing us for our first co-writing session). During this particular co-writing session, we were working on finishing up a song that I was writing, "Back When," that I was needing some help on completing. As I was introducing myself to Dave and as we were chit-chatting between the 3 of us, I showed them a tank top I had order that said, "Giving a F**k Doesn't Go With My Outfit." We got to laughing about the phrase and joked about that being a great song to write--and how that fit my personality really well!. I kind of thought we might be serious about writing this song in a future writing session (and part of me thought of it as a joke), but since I had just met Dave and this was our first-ever co-writes, I didn't know if he or Melissa would want to write with me again--I can be a little bit 'all over the place' and excited during writing sessions and some people don't know how to take me--imagine that? lol That day we finished writing "Back When" (which is going to release this summer, so keep an eye out). 

Fast forward 2 weeks...Dave (surprisingly) said he had a great time co-writing with me and we had another date set up for the 3 of us to write again. We got on the video chat and started discussing what we wanted to write about. I brought up that shirt again and asked if that was still on the table...Dave was like, 'hell yeah--lets write that song!' Of course me and Melissa were ready to entertain this crazy-fun idea--and since I want it to play on the radio, I definitely couldn't use the same verbiage as the shirt had , so we had to change it to make it fit the radio-world better. 

So the co-writing session started. We usually try to find the story line of where we want the general direction of the song to go as the first plot point. I had the idea of starting with "small town people talking" about me (or whomever) and being secretive, hypocritical and judgey about another person--Dave is great at picking things up as I talk about my ideas... so as I start talking, he starts picking out lyrics in what I'm saying--we start a google document, and the ideas get put on the shared document. Dave is generally picking around on the guitar and we start finding a melody--which he and Melissa Leigh are great at (me, not-so-much-ha). Once we have somewhat of a melody and a few lyrics, we do a small recording before heading to another part of the song--because we quickly forget what we came up with if we are not careful (that's CRS setting in--with our older ages being a factor--ha-ha!). 

I told Dave and Melissa that I wanted this song to have a lot of attitude and I wanted a rocking-country sound with a fun groove. Dave, being former radio DJ, has a lot of song knowledge in his brain bank, so the groove he started playing was perfect for this song. 

Many of the lyrics are of true sentiment--and are facts as I see and feel them. As we were writing, I could almost feel my anxiety of judgey- people getting a bit inflamed, but at the same time, I could feel a bit of a release too. Some of these things I've wanted to say for SO long--but I don't want to come off as a B**ch either--so writing a song about it is the best thing I could have done to get some of these things off my chest. When you listen to the lyrics, and IF you feel the same way I have felt, I hope this song allows you the much needed outlet for the big "F-YOU" (but without outwardly expressing it to an actual person--we don't like drama! haha)! 

I hope you enjoy this song as much as we enjoyed writing it and as much as I enjoyed recording it. I am sure many of you can relate to the lyrics! 

You can find this song on all digital streaming outlets starting at midnight (going into Friday), May 7th! 

Givin' a Damn Song Link 

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As Always...I love and appreciate you all! Thank you for supporting my dreams.